What can I do on IndyDraw?
Check our gallery from “Posters” and choose your favorite superhero! You can choose to buy an existing drawing just like it is or tell us which one you want to wear your own face, so that you became the hero you always wanted to be!
Or, tell us if you want a custom hero and we’ll do it for you! You have many suggestions inCreate your own page! Couldn’t decide? We are open in consulting you, in order to find exactly what you want!
Can I customize or add text to my portrait?
Yes,  you can and we will only charge a design fee if a complete redrawing is necessary. You can also choose the preponderant colors for your drawing. Plus, you can send us photos of your room or t-shirt on which you want to print the artwork, to advice you about the colors matching. We can color your eyes and hair however you want. We can even remove glasses or add/remove hair!
What kind of backgrounds can I use?
You can select from any of the background that you see in the posters or just let us know what you have in mind. Our art team can create custom designs based on your requests (additional design fees will apply to custom requests).
What’s the standard order process?
Follow the next steps and everything will come by itself:
 1. Choose the character you want for your personalized picture;
 2. Choose the image type (original, color or line art). If you can’t decide which photo to use, send us your option and we will help you pick the right one;
 3. Choose the size for your final picture. Think carefully what do you want to do with it. If you want to use it on large media, you need a big resolution and we need to know that;
 4. Tell us if you want to receive the creation printed on various media, such as postal cards, t-shirts, posters etc. You will receive by default the digital file of the artwork;
 5. Upload the picture you want us to use for your hero face replacement; no bigger than 2 MB and make sure the picture is clear and has a good quality for the details of the face can be seen. It can be in .jpg, .gif or .bmp format.
Can I reuse my design for another piece?
If you already have an IndyDraw design you can order additional copies and different products without having to pay the full design fee again or at all. You can order an exact copy of your portrait or order it in a different size, material and framing or mounting options. You can order a new copy of your artwork featuring you as any other character and only pay a small design adjustment fee. We never dispose of your design, so even if you contact us years from now we will have your design on file.
Once you purchase a digital file you own the copyrights to it and you are able to reproduce it at any size and in any medium as you wish.
How much time does it take to get my hero poster on the wall?
Within seven business days of receiving your photos we will e-mail you a proof for your approval or modifications. We will not complete your portrait until you give us the go ahead.
After we receive your approval your portrait will be completed in the next 4 days and will be shipped in approximately 1-4 business days depending on the ordered prints. You will be notified by email once it ships and you will receive a tracking number. Please consider that Holiday orders and requests for design changes are subject to extended delivery times.
The duration of the process also depends on how quickly you reply to the proof and how many modifications you request (changes will take 1-2 business day to complete). You can ask for 3 revisions.
Why two weeks:  because all of our designs are hand illustrated by actual artists. Creating each design proof by hand takes several hours due to our high standards.
How do I pay?
You can pay with MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. Printed works can be paid by invoice/advance payment in Europe. Pre- and back -orders can be ordered using the invoice/advance payment option only. After entering your payment details, the order will be created.
Why online registration?
While placing your order you will be asked to create an online account. If you already created an account in the past you can login using your email address and your password. If you forgot your password or are experiencing any issues while trying to log in please contact us.
Once your account is created you can login at any time to edit your information or change your password. If you already placed an order and need to change the delivery address or any other information please contact us and we will make sure that the new information is updated on your order as well.
Can I track the status of your order?
Your order status is always available online by logging into your account. You can also contact customer service via email or by phone and we will provide you an up to the minute status update.
Artwork preservation?
Your portrait should be treated as any piece of art. Do not position near direct sunlight. Do not try to clean with water, glass cleaner, or any other liquids. Use a soft dust brush to gently remove dust only when needed.
How much are the shipping costs?
Your package will be send to you via courier, anywhere in Romania and you will support the cost of the transportation (between 14 and 35 Ron, by location);
Arrival time is 1 day in Bucharest, 2-3 days all over the country.
You can also ship to a third party to make wonderful surprise gifts and you can add gift notes or secret messages. Also, if you are sending the portrait as a gift, know that the recipient will not receive an invoice with the price, only a packing slip.
Is The IndyDraw website safe and secure?
Absolutely. IndyDraw uses a secure server in all the transactions that hold sensitive information. A secure server guarantees the privacy of data transmitted through the Internet, including credit card information, through a SSL protocol that encrypts the information. All the information gathered through our secure server will be used solely to process your orders. We can as well contact you for future offers and services we might provide, as long as you authorize us to do so. Also, we will not share any information provided to us in the registration process to any third party.
Use of photography and artwork
By submitting your photos to Indydraw you grant us with permission to use any designs or original photos in company related marketing materials. If you do not wish that we use your photo or design in any marketing materials, please email to us and we will honor your request. You may not use (and send to us for usage) any work or any content owned by someone else without the written permission of the owner of such content. You are solely responsible for any copyright violations that may incur as a result of using our services.
How many characters can be illustrated in a poster?
You can choose to illustrate how many characters you like in a poster, but please take in consideration that the size of each character will be smaller when a bigger number of individuals is illustrated.
Also, more characters means a higher price for the illustration.
What are the types of  print?
You can choose from various physical forms (t-shirt, keyring, mug and many more) to print your illustration. Just write us your idea!


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