Roxana Tzone

Studies Product Design at Ion Mincu University and apart from this, she has a Graphic Design certificate. During her studies, she was involved in many projects of Fun Labs as 3d artist, having a considerable workload in games like Cabela’s Survival Adventure: Shadows of Katmai, Men In Black : Alien Crisis, Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions, Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, Cabela’s African Adventures, Duck Dynasty, but she was also part of Ubisoft team working as a level artist on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.
Roxana loves nature! She likes running, riding her bike, listening to music, watching movies and, of course, playing games, but the most important, she has many sketchbooks being a big fan of drawing and crafting. Her admiration goes in the first place to Blizzard Entertainment, a company that has great concepts, she says. Carlos Huante, Jota Leal, Myke Butkus, Cedric Peyravernay, Eric Scala, Steve Huston, Creature Box, Art of Todd Harris are also artists and projects that she finds interesting.
If it’s anything that represents her, this would be something scary and funny at the same time.


Stefan Buturuga 

Is very sarcastic saying that he definitely loves people. He is different in a good way and this can be seen in all the work filled with a  mix of reality and science fiction. Even if he has followed a different subject during his studies, his big passion for comics and drawing brought him in this posture as one of the best graphic artists from Bucharest.

Who inspires him? Easy to find out.

Stefan is a big fan of one of the most well-known English authors of comics, Warren Elis, and the American illustrator Mike Mignola. Other hobbies representing him are music, sarcasm and movies, especially the horror genre which doesn’t involve jump-scares.
Currently, Stefan is involved in many interesting projects, but the most important are Pillowzoid Studios, a comic book studio founded together with his brother, where they usually work in a team, but also individually. By now, he participated as an exhibitor of artist’s alley at three sessions of Comic-Con.



Sorina Georgiana   

Is a student at the University of Arts. She loves everything about art that’s why her past experience is very diversified as she has been participating in the restoration of a church, making handmade jewelry, handcraft products publishing in a comic book, publishing in a magazine. Lately, she found herself in comics stripes, but also the creation of character design. Children need heroes, adults need heroes, artists can create heroes. Artists are themselves superheroes!






Serban Anghel,

The first contact with comics of Serban, when he was just a child, has irreversibly ‘damaged’ his vision by infecting him with this virus of art and creation. Today he draws with so much passion that he prefers to let drawings talk for him as much as possible. He creates funny, but also tragic comics. The list of artists that inspire him grows every day, but the base was built upon greats such as Greg Capullo, Craig Thompson, and Cyril Pedrosa. His worst enemy is the feeling of wasted time, his best friends are his pen/Wacom tablet and the imaginary ones.




lauraLaura Cristescu

Is an interior architect and illustrator with way more hobbies than she has time to do. Laura has been self-taught since she could hold a pencil in her hands but she has really started getting more into art and illustration when her studies began at Ion Mincu University. Since 2013, Laura has been living and working in Sweden and now she is focused on moving forward in the art industry and eventually become a 2D Game Artist. Most of her work is done digitally via her Precious (aka Wacom Companion). Some of the artists that inspire her are Lois, Cyarin and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and her favorite genre is fantasy. When does summer come in Sweden? On a Thursday!

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